About Pain Treatment

The Integrative Pain Treatment Center integrates the best that medicine has to offer to help alleviate pain and suffering. Using these methods, pain management can focus on alleviating the pain for long term healing instead of on narcotics and “managing” the pain.

This is a whole-body approach, incorporating many aspects of medicine into a cohesive program, including:

  • Structure-function relationships
  • Nutrition
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Body balancing
Lady In Pain

It is important to note that instead of managing your pain, the Integrative Pain Treatment Center works on resolving the pain and the underlying issues.


A whole-body approach to pain treatment that works, without the use of narcotics.

Binyamin Rothstein’s Story

When Dr. “Doc” Rothstein completed his military service as a physician he opened his own practice. Although he did well, he was bothered by the fact that his patients would get better only to relapse within a few weeks.

In an effort to help his patients, Dr. Rothstein ventured into the “forbidden world” of nutrition and alternative medicine. As he began to use alternative and integrative medicine treatments, he noticed that his patients were getting well and staying well.

What better way to treat patients than with methods that actually produced real, long-lasting results? And so today Dr. Rothstein smoothly integrates traditional medicine with alternative medicine practices, in order to offer pain treatment services that work without the need for narcotics.


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