Can osteopathy help your child

Can Osteopathy Help Your Child?

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Dr. Rothstein, what can parents do when their child is in pain?

Parents are often at a loss when their child is in pain – from a newborn with colic, to a toddler with recurrent ear infections, to a grade school child who’s been diagnosed with ADHD.
Parents are concerned and ask questions like:

  • Must we give our newborn medication and just suffer along with him as we wait out the seemingly endless crying?
  • Must a baby be on recurrent rounds of antibiotics for ear infections that never seem to clear up?
  • Must a child always be put on medication when he/she has difficulty sitting still and staying focused in a classroom?

    Consider the experience of some recent patients:

    Runny nose, chronic cough

    David* is a delightful 3 year old who has had a constantly runny nose and cough since the age of 18 months. His mother took him off dairy and tried a variety of medications and alternative treatments. Nothing seemed to help. After one treatment with Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) and Cranial-Sacral Therapy, his runny nose and cough cleared up. Being an active little boy, he had his share of bumps and bangs – like all kids. Once the strain patterns in his head were released, his body was able to heal.

    Overexertion injuries that won’t heal

    Devorah, age 18, had to stop her aerobics workouts due to joint pains in her arms and legs. She also had problems with PMS symptoms, low back pain, constipation and poor sleep. I treated her for overexertion injuries, but the treatments didn’t hold. When a treatment doesn’t hold, I know something else is going on. I then realized she had an imbalance of Omega 6 fatty acids. When she was supplemented with the proper nutrients, her moods got better, acne and constipation cleared up and the treatments held. She was pain free and able to resume her former activities.

    Restless in school: ADHD?

    Twelve year old Simon was restless in school, had poor concentration and problems with asthma. His teachers wanted him started on Ritalin. After the third treatment with OMT, he was calmer, he thinks more clearly and his asthma is better. No one is suggesting Ritalin anymore.

    Note: True ADHD is due to a dopamine deficiency in the brain and requires medication. In the vast majority of children, however, ADHD symptoms are due to other causes such as structural imbalances and inadequate nutrition. If your child can stay focused for a long time on something in which he’s interested, such as Legos™, blocks, puzzles, reading etc. (not including computer or video games) then he probably does not have true ADHD. In that case, there’s a good chance that OMT will be effective and medication will not be needed.

    Bad fall years ago

    Hannah was two and a half when she ran her scooter down a flight of stairs falling face first on the ground. Now in middle school, she had focusing problems and was easily distracted. She wouldn’t do homework or read a book. She thought she was just lazy because she didn’t like to move. After treatment with OMT, she could run up and down stairs easily, concentrate better and was reading books and doing her homework for the first time. She never realized how uncomfortable she was until the strain patterns in her head, neck and back were released with OMT.

    Note: If your child has had a fall and bumped his/her head, even if he/she is symptom free, make sure your child is treated by a competent Osteopath to prevent problems down the road. The skull is made up of 22 bones that are designed to move ever so slightly to accommodate the pulse of the brain. Whenever there is trauma to the head, the bones can “jam” or “lock” and inhibit the natural pulse of the brain. This has far reaching effects on the behavior, health and well-being of your child as he grows. Don’t wait until problems arise. Even if the doctor tells you everything is fine, unless specially trained in Cranial-Sacral Therapy, he/she will be unable to pick up the subtle, constricted pulse caused by the restricted movement of the bones. Sometimes all a child needs is one treatment after a fall to prevent future difficulties.

    These are just a few examples of how osteopathy helped children when standards of medicine did not. There is hope, and your child can be pain free.

    *Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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