The Art of Healing

I Love The Art Of Healing

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I often get asked why I do what I do, why I chose osteopathy over modern medicine. To me it there was no other path. I love the art of healing.

The Why Behind Me

I chose to become an Osteopathic physician because it offered me the education that would enable me to choose how to treat a patient. I could simply prescribe medications like any other doctor or use my hands to diagnose and treat the patient. I developed that skill to the point that every day I see magic. Pain that no one else could relieve gets relieved, sometimes within minutes, sometimes it takes a few visits. What I love is that it usually works. I love seeing the look of relief on my patients’ faces after I have successfully diagnosed and treated their pain. I love the art of discovery, discovering exactly what the patient needs for the problems they bring to me. I love the feel of the body’s tissues releasing their pain. I love the art of healing.

The Art of Healing

What I do not love are the responses from conventional physicians. We have different paradigms and different ways of viewing the body, health and disease. I used to think like them but graduated to become a healer. After years of learning, listening and thinking, I now take a broad view of the world of healing and what disease is all about. My colleagues don’t like it.

A healer knows that the body is not a composite of parts like a car. If one part doesn’t work well, then just replace it or fix it and now the machine works just fine. A body is different, it has flow, energy, mechanics, structure and all the parts are interrelated. Our biochemistry is in delicate balance and interdependent and has to be nourished in order to function optimally.

Why Is It…

The biggest impediment to healing a patient is the western medical paradigm and the doctors that refuse to grow. How do doctors respond when they see their patients getting better without the use of medications or surgery? They don’t respond with curiosity. It is not really their fault; medical education teaches us not to think and not to be intellectually honest. We are taught to follow “standard of care”, which is code for not being different. This is one of the biggest challenges I face. Why do they not want to know? Why do the insurance companies refuse to pay for treatment that is not only cost effective, less toxic but gets their clientele better? Why do we have the world’s biggest budget for health care yet such a sickly population where it seems that once you get sick, you are never well? Why is it that the best we can hope for is to have our disease managed? Why is it that, according to the CDC, every year between medical errors and drug side effects, there are approximately 250,000 deaths? (And these are only counting the ones we know about)

Inspiring Others

At this stage of my career I crave to teach the art of healing, to pass on the torch, to inspire young minds to not accept the status quo in medicine, but to be intellectually honest and enable their patients to heal. I have faced fierce opposition from the medical establishment and have suffered the harshest of penalties but keep going because I love what I do, I love to heal.

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Dr. Binyamin Rothstein is a practicing osteopathic physician for over 35 years working on healing the body as a whole. Dr. Rothstein has thousands of satisfied patients from decades of medical practice. Now Dr. Binyamin Rothstein has brought his specialty of pain treatment and management without narcotics to Philadelphia and the surrounding communities, with an office in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

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