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Lower Back Pain Video

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Learn more about lower back pain in this new video from Dr. Binyamin Rothstein. There are treatment options for back pain other than surgery or ‘just dealing with it.’ Someone suffering and in pain can actually find relief, if you know what to look for.

Lower back pain relief is possible with osteopathic manipulation, some exercises, and the knowledge to pinpoint exactly where the pain is initiated. Or see more information about lower back pain on the main page dedicated to lower back pain by clicking here.

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Dr. Binyamin Rothstein is a practicing osteopathic physician for over 35 years working on healing the body as a whole. Dr. Rothstein has thousands of satisfied patients from decades of medical practice. Now Dr. Binyamin Rothstein has brought his specialty of pain treatment and management without narcotics to Philadelphia and the surrounding communities, with an office in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

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