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“Magic Hands” – New Testimonial by Rabbi Kasowitz

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Just received this testimonial for “magic hands.” Enjoy!

I met Dr. Binyamin Rothstein when he was in college for his medical degree.  He introduced me to Osteopathy and I have watched and benefited from his considerable expertise since 1977.

I have often referred to him as having, “magic hands.”

His ability to find and alleviate pain is remarkable.

His care for each patient is unusual, to say the least, and being in a position of dealing with peoples problems on a regular basis myself, he has my complete admiration for never losing the empathy that is so lacking in many health care professionals.

I know that often it can take several visits to alleviate a persons pain or problem and he is genuinely, personally bothered that the person may still feel discomfort in the interim.

I remember that early on in his career, he wasn’t charging his patients enough to keep his practice viable. He just wanted to help as many people as possible.

His father, of blessed memory, and I had to convince him to increase his fees so as to be able to continue practicing.

His ability to find and correct problems makes him my “go to” guy when I have a serious problem even though I live more than a 1,000 miles away.

I have met and gone to many osteopaths through the years and while many were good practitioners, none came close to Dr. Rothstein’s proficiency.

I am completely comfortable recommending him to one and all.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my feelings and experience with you.

-Rabbi Moishe B. Kasowitz

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Dr. Binyamin Rothstein is a practicing osteopathic physician for over 35 years working on healing the body as a whole. Dr. Rothstein has thousands of satisfied patients from decades of medical practice. Now Dr. Binyamin Rothstein has brought his specialty of pain treatment and management without narcotics to Philadelphia and the surrounding communities, with an office in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

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