Patient Experiences December 2016

Patient Experiences December 16

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Every patient experiences treatment in a different way. Today I want to review some past patient experiences, in their own words. I will likely develop additional blog posts of other patient stories, so I will try to date the stories in the month they come out.

Our Patient’s Experiences

Here are a few of our patients’ experiences in their own words:
* names have been changed

“My name is Shani*. I’m 29 years old. For more than two years I suffered with severe migraines. I had to take medications every day in order to function.  Sometime the medications didn’t help and I would have to lie down for hours and hope the pain would go away. I was skeptical about Osteopathic treatment since I believe only in Conventional medicine, but after one treatment with Dr. Rothstein, the migraines stopped. It was like a miracle.  I couldn’t believe it. Thank you Dr. Rothstein!”

“I had horrible sciatica that inhibited me from walking. I walked out 95% pain free after only one session. What I especially like about Dr. Rothstein is that he’s very honest. He doesn’t have you keep coming back if you don’t need to. That’s unusual.”

“I can’t begin to tell you how Dr. Rothstein helped me. I have such “hakarat hatov (gratitude)”. For 3 years after surgery I had pain radiating all over from the middle of my chest. I had digestive trouble.  I couldn’t lift myself from a lying to a sitting position, or a sitting to a standing position without severe pain. I went to the chiropractor and he couldn’t help me. I couldn’t take a deep breath without sharp pain. I was so frightened. After one treatment with Dr. Rothstein, all the radiating pain in my chest stopped. I was almost 100% well and have had no digestive distress.  He’s been a tremendous shaliach (messenger for health).”

“I was in a car accident ten years ago. Since then, I have had upper back, neck and shoulder pain.  I also had IBS. The pain was so bad. I went to a chiropractor for a year but it didn’t help. I did Pilates which helped somewhat, but I never felt “normal.” After seeing Dr. Rothstein, I am pain free after four treatments and feeling “normal” again!”

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