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Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is an injection of lidocaine to scars. This releases the tug on the fascia caused by the scar.

Scars can create a situation where there is a recurring or even constant pain that responds to adjustments, only to recur within a very short period of time. The scar itself is rarely painful but it creates a pulling on other tissues, and it is this pulling that often hurts.

An Example of Scar Pain

By way of example, a woman who has chronic neck and shoulder pain may have had a C-section. The tug put on the body from the scar may be responsible for her chronic pain. By injecting the scar with lidocaine, it releases the tension caused by the scar giving instant relief to the affected areas.

In addition, it helps to decrease the size of the scar and some people have found that the scars almost disappear.

Does it Hurt?

Because the injection is lidocaine (a numbing agent / painkiller) there is very little pain involved. Still, to minimize the discomfort, the area is pre-treated with a cold spray to numb the skin. Afterwards there is no after pain but there may be a bruise.

How Many Injections Will It Take?

Usually only one visit is all that is needed. Sometimes it needs to be repeated after 6 months to a year.

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