Prolotherapy / Joint Injection Illustration


Prolotherapy is a local injection of Dextrose to stimulate ligaments and tendons to heal. A sprained joint, a torn ligament or a torn tendon is not only painful, it can be dangerous.

The weakened tissues mean that the joint is less stable and more likely to develop arthritis later in life. In addition, the chronically pained joint inhibits motion and activity, forcing the person to alter their movements and often resulting in chronic pain.

Does it Hurt?

It can. The specialized injection formula Integrative Pain Treatment Center uses always includes lidocaine to minimize the discomfort, however, the healing process can take up to a week. This is because the injection causes a local irritation to the tissue and while it is healing it may hurt. But then after a week or so, the pain subsides and the joint becomes more stable.

How Many Injections Will It Take?

Usually it takes only one prolotherapy injection per ligament or tendon. Occasionally a second injection is necessary after a month.

Treatment length can take longer if there are multiple ligaments involved or if it is a complex tendon issue. In those cases, it may take as many as 3 visits.

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