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Lower Back Pain?

I can help. I have been successfully relieving pain, without narcotics, for over 35 years. People suffering from lower back pain can experience relief from my approach that incorporates the best of traditional and non-traditional medical care (see my video below).

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Lower Back Pain Treatment Video

Tune in with Dr. Binyamin Rothstein as he explains more about lower back pain. See these highlights:

  • What does a top back surgeon in the country say about surgery?
  • Non-surgical back pain relief
  • Where can the cause be coming from?
  • How does the back work?
  • What can relieve pain naturally?

Benefits of Back Pain Treatment Here

There are many benefits to coming to the Integrative Pain Treatment Center to address your pain treatment issues. Here are some of the most important:

  • Non-surgical
  • Treating the root cause of the problem
  • No narcotics used
  • Using the body’s natural healing process
  • Relief from acute and chronic pain

Start Feeling Better

You can learn more about our whole body approach and start on the road to healing your lower back pain today. All it takes is a free no-obligation initial consultation:

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