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Whiplash Injuries

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Whiplash injuries put a tremendous amount of strain and stress on the joints, ligaments, muscles, discs and other parts of the neck. This stress can result in chronic neck pain. Learn more about this as Dr. Binyamin Rothstein discusses what you can do about it and a unique approach, prolotherapy, to address the whiplash injuries.

The Video

Binyamin Rothstein, D.O. discusses whiplash injuries in this detailed video:

What Causes Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury to the neck that most often occurs from a person being in an auto accident. At times it can result from playing sports or from any other activity that causes rapid and forceful front-to-back motion of the neck.

Prolotherapy: Successful Treatment for Whiplash

See this study done in rural Illinois in 2007 which details a group of people given prolotherapy for their neck pain and whiplash issues. An impressive 97% of patients declared that prolotherapy had changed their life for the better:

Dextrose Prolotherapy for Unresolved Neck Pain (PDF / 2007)

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