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Why Does Your Back Hurt in the Morning? Part 2

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Each morning there are millions of Americans who wake up with back pain. Does your back feel better after you are up and around for a bit, or after moving around or walking, or after taking a hot shower? If you are sitting for a while and you stand up, does your back start hurting?

This is the 2nd of a 3 part series. The tips available in this 3 part blog series may help your morning back pain feel better. See part 1 for the first tip.

Why Does Your Back Hurt in the Morning? Part 2

There are usually 3 basic reasons why a person may get back pain in the morning only. Let’s discuss number 2:

2 – Because of a Scar


The second reason that your back may hurt in the morning when you get up out of bed is due to a scar on your belly or thighs (if you have one). Strange as it may seem, scars lock the body down so that when you try to get up it is at first difficult and after a while, it loosens up and you can move about freely.

This is because scars pull on the tissue in the body called fascia. It sets about a gentle yet constant tug that will always move towards the scar. A scar on the belly, for example, from a cesarean section, will tend to bring the head and shoulders towards the belly. When you try to stand up with this belly scar, you experience tension across the back and oftentimes the neck and shoulders.

This pain can be eliminated almost instantly when you get a specialized injection to the scar tissue using just plain lidocaine. Once it is injected, the scar instantly loses its grip on the body and allows you to move about freely. The only side effect is a bruise.

Parts 1 and 3

Part 1 was published yesterday. Part 3 of this 3 part series on morning back pain is coming tomorrow, so please take a look tomorrow.

The good news is that now you have something to work on to help with your morning pain, and hopefully will begin to have wonderful mornings and feel rested after a good night’s sleep.

A Word of Caution

A word of caution – if your  pain wakes you from sleep, see your doctor. As a rule, when we rest we should not be experiencing pain.

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